Classic Masters of Hypnotherapy

PIONEERS OF MODERN HYPNOTHERAPY Milton Erickson is known for promoting the use of hypnosis in psychiatry and clinical psychology. He was ...
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Professional Credentials

Director, Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles Founder and Director, Hypnotherapy Counseling Center Director of Postgraduate Studies, Hypnotherapy Training International Founder, Westwood Publishing  Executive Director, American Council ...
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With Lee1

“Dynamic and exceptional Hypnotherapist…”

About Gil Boyne, from Recognised Leaders and Experts in the Hypnotherapy Profession…           Thoughts and Feelings about Gil ...
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A Classic Gil Boyne Live “Transforming Therapy” Demonstration Session

Learn dynamic hypnotherapy from the master as Gil Boyne uses in-depth hypnotherapy to transform the self-belief of a man who has suffered with stuttering and self-rejection since childhood

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