Classic Masters of Hypnotherapy


Milton Erickson is known for promoting the use of hypnosis in psychiatry and clinical psychology. He was particularly known for his ability to quickly assess the needs of the client and work effectively with the client’s map of reality using his individualistic approach to therapy.

Dave Elman had no formal training in medicine or academic psychology, yet he taught Hypnotherapy to more physicians, dentists, anesthesiologists, and psychiatrists than any other instructor in modern times.

Gil Boyne has made numerous original contributions to the contemporary practice of Hypnotherapy and is seen by many as the most influential hypnotherapist and trainer from the 1970s to the end of the 20th Century. He has brought to the counseling and therapy professions an awareness of the inner wisdom of the human psyche. His system. known as Transforming Therapy, teaches that the inner creative mind not only knows all the questions but knows all of the answers as well. There are many practitioners who feel that one of Boyne’s greatest achievement has been the thousands of Hypnotherapists in many countries who began their career by training in his courses and have gone on to develop the profession of Hypnotherapy in their own countries.  His is considered by many to be one of the top three Hypnotherapists of the last 50 years who have contributed most to the worldwide practice of high-quality, “non-licensed” contemporary Hypnotherapy.


During almost 50 years of Hypnotherapy practice and teaching, Boyne created Transforming Therapy, a pragmatic methodology that focuses on rapid results, instead of attempting to prove theories. His emphasis is on the client’s internal problem solving ability and focusses on rapid results instea of attempting to prove theories. Boyne’s Transforming Therapy facilitates the clients’ discovery of their intuitive or spiritual nature, and teaches them how to direct their creative intelligence to solve their own problems and conflicts. Boyne’s system can be studied in depth at one of the official training centers for Transforming Therapy under the guidance of an instructor trained intensively by Gil Boyne himself. Please contact Hypnotherapy Training International for information and details of training in Transforming Therapy.

For information on all of Gil Boyne’s published works – written, spoken and audio-visual please contact Westwood Publishing, the specialist publishing company, founded by Gil Boyne in 1970.