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By Gil Boyne

In the past two decades, as hypnotherapy has achieved a much broader public awareness and acceptance, many seminars and brief trainings have been promoted as “Career Training”. However, most offer superficial training, or very academic training based on outmoded psychoanalytic theories. In the USA and the UK, there are only a small number of schools that give several hundred hours training in appropriate subject matter.

The search for comprehensive training should be an exhaustive one since inadequate and superficial training is the major cause of failure in hypnotherapy. Without proper professional training, the “Diploma” student will quickly discover not only a lack of adequate income but also the lack of spiritual nourishment due to feelings of incompetence and inadequacy in dealing with the problems and conflicts presented by clients. A reliance on simplistic methods such as discovering the “right script” for the particular problem or ailment will most often produce minimal or transient results.

Many Hypnotherapy training programs have brochures with a lengthy “laundry list” of topics to be covered in the program. Many of these programs are brief and superficial and have little time to cover the listed topics in depth. Naïve incoming students with no knowledge of “real world” training requirements are told they will be fully competent and capable of generating large incomes after training programs as brief as a two-day weekend.

Inadequate training programs most often lead to failure in the marketplace and loss of capital investment for the beginning Hypnotherapist. Participants in these classes are often told that an additional training in “Marketing Your Practice” at exorbitant prices (up to £5000) for a few days of lectures and a handful of “handouts” will solve their inability to earn a living as a full time professional Hypnotherapist.

There are a few schools that advertise programs that are entirely or almost entirely correspondence courses. Hypnotherapy training solely through correspondence courses is insufficient training to ready the student to begin a career in Hypnotherapy.

Many organizations with impressive-sounding names, including proprietary (in-house) ones, offer “registration and certification”. They are eager to give their approval to virtually any and all “schools” so as to receive annual renewal fees from the “graduating” students who join their organizations.

The most effective form of marketing your services is the development and utilization of high levels of skillful practice, which produces results and generates referrals.


Become an informed Consumer.
Investigate thoroughly before you invest!

Gil Boyne, Sept. 2002