Transforming Therapy


Gil Boyne’s school and system, the latter known as “Transforming TherapyTM”, became internationally famous and attracted students, including many physicians, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals, from countries all over the world. He formally founded his school the “Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles” in 1956. Over the next 15 years he developed his training courses into a sophisticated system far more advanced than the suggestion programming and various rudimentary “Hypnoanalysis” methods that were common at the time. Gil Boyne trained many of the most well-known teachers over the next 40 years and had affiliated schools in several countries, a few of which schools he licensed to be official training centres for Transforming Therapy.
The classic book “Transforming Therapy” was the definitive textbook outlining the advanced clinical hypnotherapy system Transforming Therapy as developed and taught by Gil Boyne over the previous two decades. The book was first published in 1989 (ISBN 0-930298-13-6) and contained new material and selected content from the training course manuals, class notes and case study transcripts that were copyrighted and published by Gil Boyne in 1985. Westwood Publishing has published material on Gil Boyne’s Transforming Therapy system since 1970.