“Gil has rendered a great and unusual service to the Hypnotherapy profession. I find Gil immensely effective as a hypnotherapist. He produces amazing results with every client.”
Max Oppenheimer, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Sun City, Calif.

“What a Blessing to attend this training ! Gil Boyne is a wonderful individual, a great teacher and a fun person as well. The seminar was jam-packed with exciting information. The video therapies were great to follow and learn the patterns of Gil’s’ “Transforming Therapy”. I highly recommend his Master Classes to all.
Janet Macy,
Hypnotherapy teacher/trainer
Lake Forest, Ca.

“I am grateful that I had this opportunity to learn first-hand from someone so gifted with an ability to help others. If hypnotherapy is truly an art, Gil Boyne is an amazing artist. The video case histories combined with Gil’s commentary and explanations gave me a full understanding of the why and how of his therapeutic choices. I will definitely recommend this program to friends.
Debra L. Crook
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Orinda, Ca.

“This was an inspiring seminar taught by the Master, Gil Boyne.
He is a warm, caring, humorous and exceptionally knowledgeable teacher. His demonstrations were absolutely phenomenal, showing transforming healing experiences and life-changing strategies. The giant screen enabled everyone to clearly observe the client’s expressions and emotions while Mr. Boyne explained the concepts, techniques and processes involved.
Exquisite! Effective! Energizing!
I definitely recommend his training programs.
He is simply amazing!
Sylvia Peterson Young
Marriage, Family Therapist (intern)
Corte Madera, Ca.

“Gil, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have taught me. Not only in hypnotherapy but in business, ethics and personal integrity. You are a true and unforgettable role model.
Please stick around long enough to watch me make you proud of me.
Your student and friend,
Kevin Cole,
Life Coach
San Raphael, Ca.

“ Gil, This was a great workshop! Excellent presentation! Inspirational! I hope I get another opportunity to attend another!
Thank You, Gil Boyne
Lola Bahri,
Certified Hypnotherapist
Corte Madera, Ca.

“The showing of videotaped live therapy sessions was very powerful and a treasure chest of important knowledge and skills.
I really feel as if I have been in the presence of a Master.
Gil Boyne’s combination of finely-honed intellect, his powerful desire for passing on his wisdom to us and his passion for helping others makes his work extraordinarily effective. I gained very helpful tools to use in my life and to help me provide quality hypnotherapy to my clients.
Susan Freeman, R.N.
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Windsor, Calif.

“I started with a spark in my belly, it became a lame–you have turned it into an inferno!—Thank You, Gil Boyne
Dorothea Fandel
Pacifica, Ca.

“The therapeutic benefit from the video case histories and Gil’s explanations was extremely valuable. It has helped me to be even more clear in my private sessions and in teaching at the school.
I too,have the “fire in the belly”.
Thank you, Gil, for all you have done for the profession of Hypnotherapy.
Sue Marshall
Hypnotherapy School Operator
Auburn, Ca.

“I now have a clearer vision of how to use my gift as a hypnotist. I have primarily focused on entertainment. I will now use my gifts to transform lives on an individual level. Thank You, Gil
Dave Hill
“The World’s Greatest Hypnotist”
Hayward, Ca.

“The opportunity to experience Gil Boyne and his profound knowledge of hypnotherapy has been a real blessing. He speaks very directly and delivers the information “spot on”. Thank you Gil, for your passion, love and dedication.
Sandra Washburn
Cerified Clinical Hypnotherapy
Mill Valley, Ca.

“Dear Mr. Boyne, You have opened my eyes and changed my heart and in so doing you have changed my life.
DB.Two Eagles
Concord, Ca.

“This has been an amazing opportunity to watch a Master in action. The videos are a very effective training tool and hearing Gil’s stories is priceless. This is one of the most valuable trainings I have ever taken.
Katherine Zimmerman,
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Sacramento, Ca.

“A lot of integration of knowledge and feelings about the work of hypnotherapy happened in this class. After 300 hrs. of training at Hypnotism Training Institute with Randal and Marlene, I got some new, fresh fuel for my inner fire and new confidence and verification in this course with Gil Boyne.
Milena Mlakar.
Dobbins, Ca.

“This class fills the gaps in any hypnotherapy practice. Every therapist can gain insight, technique and confidence from this program. Gil Boyne’s professional philosophy is brilliant!
The video therapies were wonderful, important and useful.
Gil Boyne presents ideas, concepts and insights from a highly educated background. He seems to have a curious nature, expressed as an astonishing love of life, work and service to others. The information on how to evaluate the client’s readiness for change and the factors required for effective therapy were most valuable to me. Gil’s lessons in confronting the client and speaking the “unspeakable truth” were worth the tuition. I feel transformed by this course and the gift of validation and confidence that will be reflected in my practice.
Shirley Davolos
Media Consultant
San Francisco, Ca.

“Choice of case histories was great! Gil’s commentary was excellent and his answers were complete. A very clear and sound personal philosophy underlies his work. I share the belief that an underlying spiritual philosophy is a necessary component for transformation to occur. Gil, you walked me through the forest and showed me connections I had not seen before.
Thank You—–
Bill Burg, Hypnotherapist
Citrus Heights, Ca.

“ I loved the therapy film of “Bud, Born to Lose”. It was wonderful to see Gil, the “Patriarch of Hypnotherapy”, use the methods he developed and to see how he can interchange of each method and script to fit the needs of each client. Gil Boyne is a wonderful teacher and he is FUN and never “starchy”. I believe the greatest benefit I received is a feeling of appreciation and gratitude for Gil’s fifty years of work and dedication to creating and adapting the methods used in his “Transforming Therapy”. The live therapy session with Mike, in front of the class, was an exciting demonstration of your techniques and your creativity.
Deborah Combs,
Montrose, Colorado


“Gil, thank you so much for making hypnotherapy such a valuable human service. Like you, I am excited and passionate about the radical changes people can make in their lives. I have learned so much about myself in this course that I can use to help others become free of their negative beliefs. I am anxious to study further with you.
Brigitte Rathje-Papadakis
Teacher,Clinical Hypnotherapist
Victoria, B.C.-Canada
“The experience of the video case histories was a great help and gave me a model to follow. Although I have seen many of Gil’s videos before, there is nothing like learning from him in person. His comments and explanations added a new dimension.
Roger Gray,
Certified Hypnotherapist
Redding, Ca.
“Gil, you are a delight! I love your passion and your willingness to trust spiritual guidance. I love the way you empower the client. I now feel more willing to let clients express their deeper, repressed feelings which many therapists avoid. The depth and fullness of the content was fantastic.
I deeply appreciate being “shown” ( as well as being “told”)
Bobbie Gray,
Clinical Social Worker/Therapist
Redding, Ca.

“This seminar was perfect! I loved the excellent videos.
Gil Boyne,you are a Master with Words. The demonstrations show how “Transforming Therapy”methods quickly remove deep-seated inhibitions that prevent creative living. You tackle the impossible and are never afraid to confront issues of crippling negative thought patterns and compulsive behavior. Your recognition of a Higher Power and your trust in Divine Guidance gives you a radiance that shines through your therapy. I will recommend your trainings to everyone.
Meredith Dover, Registered Nurse
Certified Hypnotherapist
Concord, Ca.

“This Master Class is Rare Genius! The wealth of knowledge and experience of Gil Boyne is invaluable to all hypnotherapists. Gil’s ability to elicit the most profound depths of emotion and to have the client discover the heart of the problem and then emerge with new feelings of courage and competence was demonstrated over and over again. Questions were answered with understanding and encouragement. The video case histories were power-packed and gave new meaning to Excellence in the practice of Hypnotherapy.
C.J. St.Cyr.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Sacramento, Ca.

“Content was terrific! To watch live case histories and see the therapy in action is the best way to learn. Gil’s long career provides a rich resource of experience that we can all benefit from. His communication skills and the expression of his passion is inspiring.I especially admire Gil’s individuality. I agree that Love is the foundation that is needed to create a lasting healing.
Nancy Friedrich
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Bolinas, Ca.

“The content of this class was perfect for me! In watching Gil Boyne weave his magic, I was amazed time and time again by his ability to communicate with everyone despite differing levels of education, training and experience. He has an insight that enables him to use the right tool every time and he applies it with love and caring, Yet, he never allows the clients to lie to themselves. I believe these qualities have been developed by many years of experience, an un wavering belief in Self and a knowing belief in a Higher Power. This combination has made Gil Boyne an outstanding Teacher, Therapist and Human Being.
Greg Hornnes
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Danville, Ca.

“I have grown and learned so much in this class. I have always avoided the Authoritarian or strong approach in my therapy. Now, my techniques will be stronger and my confidence in my skill and abilities has been polished. Thank You Gil, it has been a great learning experience.
HelenRose Dills
LVN, Certified Hypnotherapist
Stevinson Ca.

“This workshop has been a transforming experience for me–emotionally, spiritually and educationally. You are truly a Mazster of your art and I am so thankful that I was able to see you teach.Your enthusiasm and your personal integrity are an inspiration to me. You will be my role model in my career.
Britta Butler
Kentfirld, Ca.

“The passion with which Gil shares a lifetime of knowledge and experience is a joy to behold and a memory to cherish. He has greatly increased my confidence and given me new techniques.
I have also received personal insights that are changing me in many ways. I am reminded that I am blessed to be part of such a healing profession.
Susan Keating
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Santa Cruz, Ca.

“The depth and fullness of coverage could not be improved! The live case histories give a depth of understanding and wisdom that no text book can ever give. The compassion of Gil Boyne created a flow of love throughout the class. It has been an honor to be part of this class.
Helen B. McKean
y Staff Member, Sylvia Browne Corp.
Campbell, Ca.

“I experienced Gil Boyne as a feeling centered, intelligent/sensitive, fiery and direct creator of healing relationships. He responds to the needs of the client and his intensity and directness meets the clients unconscious feelings and energy at it’s own level. This allows expression of repressed memories and feelings linked to them.
Combined with Gil’s creative reeducation a new integration of unconscious and conscious mind beliefs and attiudes develops. The final step is expression of more rewarding levels of function and a greater participation in creative living. I totally support and am aligned with Gil’s expressed beliefs.
Shirley A. Peterson, R.N.–MFT Intern
Transpersonal Therapist
Bolinas. Ca.

“Gil, I am more than satisfied and quite happy that I took this course. The class materials are very good and the coverage of the material is thorough. I learned many things from you in this seminar and received validation of my own methods as well. John Butler’s lecture was fascinating and I would love to attend one of his seminars as well. I am greatly encouraged by the experience of your training.
Patricia Reynolds Sorbye
Certified Hypnotherapist
Oakland, Ca.

“This workshop demonstrated to me the effectiveness of your “instant induction”. You showed me how fast dramatic change can occur. Well Done! I thank you.
Ken Holt
Corvallis, Or.

“Gil Boyne is masterful in his demonstration and presentation of his “Transforming Therapy”. His ability to do the deep, intensive and intimate parts of hypnotherapy is exquisite. He is life-affirming, and full of love and compassion. Gil’s results are extraordinary and he is a brilliant, gifted therapist and teacher.He debunks many myths about therapy and the current culture.His connection with the Divine and it’s inspiration is beautiful and true.
Susan McNeil
Fort Bragg, Ca.

“Gil, Like fine wine, your work is to be savored slowly and often. The finest of wines is very rare and your approach to therapy is rare and wonderful. I will continue to attend your classes for you are a treasure to us all. Your”Transforming Therapy” will endure for a very long time.
Jerry Brandt
Monrovia, Ca.

“I attended this workshop to learn processes and methods from a true pioneer, Gil Boyne. My experience has validated my own methods. I greatly enjoyed the content of the program. I will attend whenever it is offered again.
Rob Brackman
Sacramento, Ca.


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